March 2020

SPC unveils new EPDM sponge

SPC has developed new market-leading EPDM Sponge formulations. The new recipes are based on technological advances in polymer and material science, which allowed us to develop a closed-cell sponge with a premium density as low as 0.3.

We asked SPC Technical Manager, Bhawan Patel, to tell us more. “These EPDM sponge formulations are brand new, there is nothing else quite like them right now,” he says. “We have developed new technology in both formulation and compounding for these specific recipes. Some of the technology was only introduced last year and has enabled us to develop a product with a smoother skin and achieve lower density than seen before.

“The formulations have excellent elastic recovery and are especially lightweight, with good waterproof properties. This makes them very attractive for applications that want to save weight – such as in the automobile industry – and applications that need good weatherproofing, such as the construction industry. Both industries would use EPDM sponge for door seals and similar applications.

“We have already received some fantastic feedback from our customers”, Bhawan adds. “One of the key positive feedbacks we’ve received is that our material forms a much smoother skin on the surface than other products in the market. It has a strong air and watertight barrier, which helps prevent build-up of bacteria or mould.”

“It’s thanks to our analytical and technical capabilities to work at a molecular level in the SPC laboratories, that we are able to develop completely new recipes and create products that brings value and opportunities for our customers.”