March 2020

COVID 19 – SPC introduces safety measures and keeps business moving

SPC has established additional safety and hygiene measures to ensure the health and safety of staff and everyone in direct contact with the business. Everyone who is able to work from home is now doing so. For those staff who are needed on site, the additional safety measures include:

  • Information posters about COVID-19 are on display in all key areas of all SPC factories. These explain how the virus is transmitted and the measures we need to adhere to.
  • All work areas are kept well ventilated.
  • Alcohol hand sanitizer dispensers are placed all around the company.
  • All surfaces and objects are frequently and regularly disinfected.
  • Employees are keeping their distance from each other and are eating lunch separately.
  • All meetings with external people have been cancelled.
  • Strict rules are being applied to deliveries. Only one truck at a time may load or unload. No driver may get off the truck and all paperwork has to be submitted by email.

Paul Hallas, SPC Managing Director says: “Our priority at SPC is the health and wellbeing of our colleagues, families and everyone we work with across our industry, from suppliers to customers. For us, without question, this means safety first. We have adopted strict safety measures at all of our sites and clear communication for all. We all have a responsibility to do what we can in our own communities. And for businesses like ours, that make the materials needed for critical components such as valves and o-rings used in medical equipment, it is important we keep working.”