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Rubber is an elastic material made up of long chain molecules known as polymers. Such polymers occur naturally in the sap of Hevea and Ficus trees, but for industrial purposes are now more often synthesised from a variety of other chemical compounds having short chain molecules, or monomers.

In their raw form polymers generally lack most of the properties required in finished rubber products. It is not until these polymers are mixed together with other materials, or compounded, that these properties are achieved.
Rubber is one of the most versatile and important materials in use today. Here we have collated some weird and wonderful facts on the subject as well as an overview of the history of its use

Rubber facts

History of rubber

From the discover of rubber balls dating back to 1600 BC to the use of dandelions to create commercial applications for tyres, gain an overview of the history of rubber.

Learn more about the history of rubber

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