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As a dedicated, specialist manufacturer of rubber compounds, we supply high quality products from formulation to application, delivered with efficiency, speed and reliability. Our centralised mixing process means you can rely on us to produce your compound correctly first time and every time.

Advantages of centralised mixing

Getting the compound mix right for your desired application is a complex process that can involve many different materials and procedures. As a highly elastic raw material, rubber is notoriously difficult to process. Materials that contain highly polar and ionic chemicals can give problems such as clumping together in agglomerates when not mixed correctly. These can, in turn, be difficult to break and disperse, resulting in longer mixing times and poorer quality compounds. Outsourcing to a specialist rubber compounder means that, regardless of the complexity of your needs, our experienced and talented skilled technicians can deliver exactly what you need with quality, consistency and value for money.

How outsourced rubber mixing can benefit your business

Invest in your key business areas.
Dedicate your time, resources and people to meeting your customers’ requirements more effectively. We consistently invest in our specialist systems and processes so you don’t have to.

Avoid supply chain headaches.
We source ingredients from different markets and geographies for you, balancing fluctuating prices and availability by buying and storing materials in bulk.

Maximise productivity.
By outsourcing your mixing requirements, you can ensure you are using your workforce and workspace to maximum levels of efficiency without distractions. Get a custom compound mix. We stock approximately 900 different raw materials and have the flexibility and expertise to create a bespoke mix for your needs.

Consistently get a better compound.
Fully automated systems produce rubber compounds of the highest possible quality.

Reduce your rejects.
Our engineers work closely with yours to get your compound mix right from the start. Our systems offer high precision accuracy, further supported with full traceability reports.

Working as your mixing department

We work as the ‘mixing department’ for several manufacturers. When we become your mixing department, we’ll provide you with dedicated project management who’ll make sure our processes become seamless with yours. We’ll visit you on site and walk you through the processes of ours.

Our exceptional eye for detail and commitment to quality standards, including bespoke tracking and monitoring for full supply chain traceability, will become your standards. Our attention to environmentally sound processes and quality, including the standards ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949 and EN ISO 14001, will apply to your compounds.

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