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To ensure and maintain consistently high levels of quality assurance, we operate end-to-end item traceability. This means for every batch and every compound we know the journey of every ingredient through the supply chain, both upstream and through our own internal processes.

Our customers rely on us to deliver products that are manufactured precisely to specification, first time and every time. End-to-end traceability, supported with a system of barcodes that allow us to scan and monitor materials at every point during the manufacturing process, is critical to quality assurance.

If we detect an anomaly in a batch and can trace that back to a problem with an ingredient, we can work with our suppliers to eliminate the problems. The same applies to our own production processes and helps us to maintain consistent high levels of quality.

Knowing the source of everything we manufacture and the composition of a final compound also enables us to demonstrate compliance with REACH legislation (both UK and Europe) and to provide our customers with support and documentation to prove their own compliance.

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