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We are dedicated to specialising in the supply of competitive, high tech rubber compounds, mixed to meet the most demanding and critical-safe applications. We operate within exceptional quality standards and are committed to high level R&D to better serve our customers’ individual needs.


Our specialist technical products are used in critical applications in a range of different industries. The quality of the compound may be critical for the functionality and lifespan of the final product. Manufacturers trust our products because of our rigorous approach to quality.

Our quality management controls include:

  • Robust processes for capturing potential issues with raw materials
  • Proactive approach to quality, driven by experienced senior Quality Managers, which applies to everyone from production to back office – everyone is responsible for quality at SPC; and staff training to support this is continuous
  • Strong operational controls that are in place through the Compounding Management Suite (CMS) system, with highly skilled operators who have a good understanding of identification, traceability and inspection of products
  • Strong communication practices throughout the shop floor
  • Precision weighing, which is carried out under controlled conditions, with scales checked daily and externally calibrated every 6 months
  • An annual external audit of our quality systems and processes
  • Full traceability with a supply chain that is tracked at every point

SPC Standards and certification

Materials traceability



We support our customers in achieving REACH compliance through our commitment to safety, research into alternative chemicals use and adherence to full traceability labelling.

Learn more about REACH

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