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Smooth skinned, ultra-lightweight EPDM sponge extrusions are highly valued by a range of OEMs and industries from automotive to construction.

Our premium lightweight sponge formula features densities as low as 0.3. To achieve the smooth-skin closed cell structure valued by our customers requires synergy between a range of variables including compounding, blowing agent type, level and activation temperature, mix processing, salt bath cure rate and state.
We employ MFR testing throughout the process to predict, measure and monitor cellular formation.

SPC lightweight sponge applications

Our lightweight closed cell sponge extrusion has been sought after by automotive manufacturers seeking incremental weight loss opportunities to support and promote enhanced vehicle fuel efficiency.

The compound’s excellent smooth skin and waterproof properties additionally make it the preferred option for many weather-proof applications, and it is used successfully for doors, window seals and gaskets by the construction industry.

Applications such as refrigerator door seals benefit from the sponge’s ability to create a secure seal with minimum discernible force exerted during door closure, while exhibiting minimal lateral distortion of the seal profile during closure of the door.

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